“Fountain of St.Katarina” is the singer and songwriter Leifson’s debut album as a solo artist, and the first release from Manuzio. The album is the result of a unique encounter between Leifson’s minor- tuned songs and indie pop nestor Kenneth Ishak’s inspired production. Layer upon layer of acoustic and electronic elements, from electric piano and synth to saxophone and baritone guitar, create a complex and pulsating soundscape around Leifson’s vulnerable voice. The eight songs range from dark and grand ballads to more up-tempo songs, catchy and skewed at the same time.

The lyrics are based on life experiences and an almost fatalistic attitude that life and love are destined. The protagonist is rootless and searching. He is without a permanent residence, without money, and looking for work. Different female characters promise a different existence, a new beginning, but the stories end where they start, with a new break and new loneliness.

Musicians are Leifson (guitar and vocals), Kenneth Ishak (keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, vocal), Vidar Johansen (saxophone), Bendik Brænne (saxophone), Hanne Fjeldstad (vocal) and Asle Dal (percussion). Asle Dal is also a co-producer. The album was released on June 1, 2022.

You can buy the LP both online and in stores, from Tiger, Platekompaniet, Big Dipper and Fysisk Format, and digital from Bleep and Amazon Music, among other places. The album is available on most streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and more.

Leifson (Leifson Henele Persbraaten) was born in Auckland, New Zealand with a Polynesian mother and a Norwegian father. He grew up in Rykkinn outside of Oslo. In the 1990s Leifson was vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter in the bands Black Press and Bob Hurts, and in the 2000s he became part of Restore to Past, where he wrote most of the music and all lyrics. Among others, he has collaborated with musician and writer Bård Torgersen. “Fountain of St. Katarina” will be his first solo album.

Music video by Ketil Nergaard, 2022 (based on footage from the movie The White bird marked with black, Yuri Ilyenko, 1971).
Music video by Antipode Films, 2022
Music video by Antipode Films, 2021